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This page contains monthly and/or seasonal community events.

Shaman Journey
Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017


    At Rising Tide International
5102 Swift Rd. Sarasota

On the Full Moon following All Hallows the veils open to greet us in this incredible world of the Shaman’s dream. Similar to a guided meditation, enhanced by the heartbeat of the large mother drum, we enter into a parallel reality where the seen and unseen, known and unknown open up before us for guidance, clarity, insight and healing. It is an excellent time to confer with your guides, allies, and loved ones who seek to connect with you from behind the veil. We are of the world but not in it. Spirit draws us closer to itself inside our understanding.

The Journey will take you down and out through the dimensions of your imagination where reality and dream time interweave into a perfect tapestry based on your own special needs, rhythms, understandings and perceptions. Through the reverberation of the drum, inner gateways to your sub-conscious and super-conscious open, helping you access helpers and totems for healing and insight according to your own need.

Bring a mat, pillow/blanket, something with which to cover your eyes, a spirit stone or rock (wotai) and a pad and paper to record your Journey. The Journey itself is 30 to 40 min. The rest is preparation and processing.

Please RSVP, $25 in-advance or $30 at door.

Please RSVP with Rev. Zan, ButterflyDeerwoman in advance The guides like that!  Zan@woman-spirit.com or call 941-922-7839. A confirmation email with the particulars will be sent to you and space reserved for you. You may pay with PayPal on my website at www.woman-spirit.com. Or mail cash or a check made out to to 2839 Trinidad St. Sarasota, FL 34231


Thank you, Zan, for yet another exquisite experience on my Shamanic Journey.  This was my 5th one, I believe.  Each one is totally unique even though the structure is generally the same (which works well).   Your love & kindness to each individual in the class encourages us to share so deeply, resulting in beautiful bonds between classmates.  Moreover, it opens us up to the most profound occurrences during our respective journeys.  This time, my intention was met beyond my wildest dreams.  Plus, an unexpected past life came in living color that is, undoubtedly, offering me gifts that are already changing my current experience in relationships with those closest to me.  This is powerful, enlightening, and calming, offering me hope and relief in my process of life as an earthing! 
In love & appreciation,
Wendy C., Animal Communicator

The Shaman Journeys I have done with Zan Benham are among the most rewarding spiritual practices I have experienced. The cadence of the drum draws me into a deep, yet aware state where I see truths that every day consciousness does not allow. Zan's "travelog" during the journey has provided me with strong images, that have deep personal meaning. I feel refreshed after each journey, and I go away with insights that continue to grow afterwards. My only regret about Shaman Journey is that I don't participate often enough.
Kate "Stag Rider"



Colorful reiki healing hands


A Reiki III Master's Share

October 18, 2017

From 7pm to 9pm

At Enlightenment Center at
  Unity Church, 3023 Proctor Rd.
 (between Swift and Beneva.)

Reiki Masters of all lineages are invited to share in this opportunity for us to learn, augment, give and receive.
What a blessing!

Wear comfortable clothes and if you have a massage table bring it.
Rising Tide provides blankets and bolster should we need them.

Bring your own water.

$5 Love offering.



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