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Calling On Reiki III Masters
For An Advanced Brush-Up Class



Saturday, March 24

- Revisit the teachings, breaths, meditations, symbols, meanings, techniques of the Reiki practices you learned in your journey to becoming a Reiki III Master Healer.

- Review attunement procedure(s), attune and be re-attuned.

- Brush up on the power of your sacred Reiki gifts, allowing them to flow further and more powerfully than your beliefs have imagined!

RSVP. $99. Payments can be made with cash or check sent to me, or with credit card on the "Products" page of Zan's website listed below.

Location is undecided but in the vicinity of Swift Rd. More info to follow registration.

Rev. Zan Benham aka Butterfly Deerwoman, 941-922-7839. Zan@woman-spirit.com or www.woman-spirit.com


Rev. Zan has been teaching Reiki for 15 years.
Through Reiki she teaches a class for spiritual initiates.



Globe LOA

Starting up again
January 16, 2018, 7pm-9pm

Unity Church of Sarasota
Classroom A
3023 Proctor Rd. Sarasota (Between Beneva and Swift)

Everyone is Welcome!
$10 per class

This is a weekly on-going class and support group which blends the principles, tools and processes of the Law of Attraction, from many sources, emphasizing the works of Abraham/Hicks using their Processes as tools from their book “Ask and It Is Given.”

It is the hope that we can each grow and expand to be the mindful and hopeful co-creators we were intended to be, so that our lives may be more joyous, healthy, beautiful and bountiful for us.

Albert Einstein

Each week, we expand our use and understanding of this Law. We remember that embodying and living it is a full time conscious and conscientious occupation.

The Law of Attraction is another name for the Law of Cause and Effect or the Law of Sow/Reap. We live under this Law just as we live in gravity.  Many today understand that we are all co-creators, that when you "ask it is given."  Often times we may make an affirmation, but the shadow within us becomes the communicator to the Universe. In class we revisit the importance of accepting, focusing, stating, allowing, feeling and envisioning that which we would call into our lives. We are encouraged to live in its actualization.   The workings of the Law are subtle and specific.  It is each person's own "inside job" in alliance with Source.

Classes include a meditation, a review of a process or two and a 20min. DVD.

This is a progressive class moving us out onto leading edge of alchemy, a process of attuning to Highest Light, Prime Creator, Divine Source.  The course is designed to infuse, enhance and expand spiritual growth, well-being and connection to Source, Highest will and guidance.



To Be Scheduled
Out by the Labyrinth at Unity Church Sarasota