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Private Sessions, Phone Consultations

Spiritual Counselor

Rev. Zan Benham, Butterfly Deerwoman sees each set back in a person's life as a spiritual one. She believes that we create our own realities; that what we perceive is real because we perceive it so. That if we change our perceptions, our realities also change. Zan's intuitive and empathic abilities guide her as an interceder for her clients in the healing process. Her objective is to empower them into calling upon and relying on their own Divine guidance to help in their healing process. Rev. Zan works with breath, emotions, energy, visualizations and many other techniques and modalities. The ultimate healer is love. Divine love focused with intention yields miracles.

Intuitive Readings

Rev. Zan uses her guidance and empath abilities for each reading. Her other tools are her cards and pendulum. Questions help bring impressions to the canvas of her mind.

Hypnosis and Shamanism

Hypnosis and Shamanism are closely related. Both offer the ability to seek out information from the subconscious, in an altered state, in order to retrieve information heretofore inaccessible to the conscious mind. Each person is unique, therefore the pathways to healing vary for each individual. Hypnosis is used for uncovering fears or blocks and opening up memory. Often times these sessions will include past life regression.


Hypnosis also works with pain, obsession, addiction, overcoming negative thought patterns, habits and fears. It also can work as anesthesia for pain.

Shamanism/Soul Retrieval

Shamanism/Soul Retrieval in particular is a unique option recommended for those who may have had trauma in their life from illness, physical abuse or addiction. The premise is that when one is "shocked" in life, part of personality fragments and splinters. In the Soul Retrieval these personality fragments are called back into alignment by way of symbolic animal totems. Rev. Zan calls upon her guides to help her act as an interceder to bring back these parts of personality.


Rev. Zan is a Reiki Master, a third degree in the ancient art of Chinese hands-on energetic healing. Everything to her is Reiki, which is universal light, vibration and energy. She uses Reiki in any work she does for clearing, healing and relaxation. Reiki is effective even at long distances. Rev. Zan conducts Reiki Attuement classes for I, II and III degres. Refer to the Workshop and Classes page of this website.

Clearings and Exorcisms

Rev. Zan can also work in a Shamanic way with exorcisms and cleansing of people's homes and environment. She has worked with possessions.


One of her favorite things to do is to officiate weddings and because she is an interfaith minister, Rev. Zan can work with the couple to customize with them a beautiful, touching, and memorable ceremony.

Phone Consultations, Long Distant REIKI Healings
and Intuitive Readings:

Rev. Zan uses her guidance to help her connect with a client over a long distance. Often times to assist in the process, she will use REIKI, her pendulum or her Avalon or Medicine Cards to help her to bring further clarification to these sessions.

For Information or to arrange an appointment for your in person, phone or remote session, contactRev. Zan at 941-922-7839 or email her a

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