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Celebrating Winter Solstice on Lido Beach.


“May the sun bring you new energy by day, may the moon softly restore you by night, may the rain wash away your worries, may the breeze blow new strength into your being, may you walk gently thorough the world and know it's beauty all the days of your life.”~ Apache Blessing


mastering the law of attraction


In this leading edge class, we unravel our way into clarity in our understanding and use of the Law.  Embodying and living the Law is a full time occupation to become a mindful Co-Creator. We remember that embodying and living this Law, is a full time conscious and conscientious occupation. 

The Law of Attraction is another name for the Law of Cause and Effect or the Law of Sow/Reap. We live in this Law just as we live in gravity.  Many today understand that we are all co-creators, that when one “asks,” "it is given."  We may make affirmations but often the shadow voice within us is louder and becomes our unintentional communicator to the Universe.

 In class we work with tools and processes to help us become conscious of our desires and intentions. We are encouraged to live in its actualization.   The workings of the Law are subtle and specific.  It is each person's own "inside job," in alliance with Source. 

This is a progressive class moving us out onto the leading edge of alchemy,  to infuse, enhance and expand spiritual growth, well-being and connection to Source and Highest Guidance.

Class includes a meditation, a review of a process or two, and a 20min. DVD. 

Class fee, $10.









With the beautiful resonance

of Crystal Bowls by Ann Williams

The seasons moves fast upon us and soon, many of us lucky ones will be with family and friends for an scrumptious and voluminous tasty Thanksgiving meal!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as it represents for me an opportunity to break bread with people I care about and deeply appreciate. As busy and as different as our lives may be, Thanksgiving offers us an opportunity to share in a repast together with often fun thoughts and stories re-enlivened from our past.  

This brings up for me a time to remember our compassion as we come together in our differences and diversity to celebrate this special occasion.

The traditions of Thanksgiving was founded in 1621 as a Feast celebrating the Harvest with 53 Pilgrims and 90 Native Americans. 

Albeit history will support dastardly acts by our white brethren of old, in our shaming, torture and killing of our original peoples here in the Americas.

Albeit history holds a tarnished light on dastardly acts committed by our white brethren toward the Native Americans and also towards our black brothers and sisters by slave owners, the bottom line is, we are here and  now and can old the light to segue into a new way of being and behaving for the good and sake of one and all.

It is always best to forgive ourselves, our ancestry and move on. If we keep looking back, in our anger, pain and disdain, we bring that past forward. We cannot undo the what was, but we can heal, by our actions today to  design a  better future for all peoples. In this way and with this mindfulness I would ask all to celebrate this Thanksgiving.  

To set a precedence of love and appreciation in the now, despite all our differences is what I hope to inspire each person with this Sunday. 

Please join us Sunday, in our sacred space of the One Heart as we celebrate our many blessings and send prayers and set determinations to tithe to the less fortunate. May it ever be so.

Blessings eternally surround us.

Rev. Cherag  Zan


There is a box a Mayor's "Feed The Hungry," box at the Center to collect non-perishable foods for the hungry.  Money donations may be sent to:

Mayors' Feed the Hungry Program
P.O. Box 1992, Sarasota, FL 34230-1992
Joel Swallow, Chairman


The Women's Meditation Group is lending their support to FELT, (Feeding Empty Little Tummy's) Did you know that 2,000 children go hungry every weekend in our area? A woman by the name of Jane Evers knew this and decided to create a non-profit program, a Back Pack Food Program for such children. Jo Mooy is collecting money at her Women's Meditation gatherings at Rising Tide. You may also send directly to FELT: 

Feeding Empty Little Tummies

936 14th St W. Bradenton, FL 34205

941-896-7870  or

Realities beyond the veil

October 25, 2019


We are fast coming upon Halloween or All Hallows Eve, a wonderful time of year with an opportunity to talk about the Spirit World, with ghosts, guides and Ascended Ones, some who help us and guide our paths and others who trip us up albeit our enthusiasm! 

Halloween, was once an Pagan Festival known as Samhain, pronounced "sah-win." Pagans considered this time of Oct. 31 to Nov.1 to be the time of the witches New Year.

Catholics took it another step forward and called it All Saints Day or All Souls Day, celebrating all those who have entered heaven. Many people observe this day by offering flowers on graves or lighting candles for their dearly departed.These days overlap too with the Mexican Day of the Dead or Dia De Los Muertos. 

This Sunday we will remember our dearly departed ones, as well  as pay tribute to our spirit guides and helpers beyond the veil. 

And finally we will share some ghostly stories with one another, groundwork for the days ahead, as we celebrate with good humor and alacrity the ghouls that live in our imaginations for this forthcoming holiday of costumes, sweets and creatures that go bump in the night!

Join us this Sunday, in our sacred space of the One heart as we celebrate life and death as One evolution, weaving our way into the consciousness of Oneness with all.

Blessings eternally surround us.

Rev.Cherag  Zan


shaman journey experience

It is the Fall season, the West Gate on the Medicine Wheel. Days grow shorter and cooler. This is the  "Looks Within," time, a time for self reflection and insight. It is in this western quadrant, that all life collects itself, gathers and prepares for the cooler days to come. It is said that the Shaman stands in the shadows of this gate,  offering us an opportunity to go deeper within, to seek out answers and understanding. The days grow shorter and darker. This is the time of Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Think of these days as a time when the veil between the worlds  is thinner.  Spirit guides, shaman and allies are just beyond this veil awaiting to help us when they hear our call. We only need to ask for their guidance. We are intended to be in this world but not of it. Through this darkness, we are able to find the light. We are grateful for all our many blessings.


A SHAMAN JOURNEY is similar to guided meditation enhanced by the heart beat of the large mother drum. 

The Journey will take us down and out through the dimensions of our imagination where reality and dream time interweave into a perfect tapestry, based on your own special rhythms, understandings and frequencies.

We travel together into our own shaman's dream for our own personal guidance and discovery. This is an adventure and exploration into realms where information, messages, connections and relationships magically unfold.


Through the reverberation of the drum, inner gateways of frequencies open our sub-conscious mind, helping us access guides, totems and insights for healing and understanding according to our own individuals need. 

Bring a mat, pillow, blanket, something with which to cover your eyes for darkness. Bring a spirit stone or rock, that it may become a Wotai stone, or Sacred Stone. You may already have it! Bring a pad and paper to record your Journey. The Journey itself is 30 to 40 min. The rest is preparation and processing. (Rising Tide offers blankets, bolsters and pillows to use should you wish to use them.)

$25 in-advance, no later than Friday, Oct 4th at 3pm or $30 thereafter.

Please RSVP with Rev. Zan, Butterfly Deerwoman in advance or call 941-922-7839.

 A confirmation email with the particulars will be sent and space reserved for you.

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Magical "Ho' oponopono Prayer"

 “I am sorry. Please forgive me.  I love you. Thank you.”

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